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Logic Riddles and Brain Teasers for Kids

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Which number comes next?
31, 28, 31, 30, 31, ?
Some months have 30 days while others have 31 days. How many of them have 28 days?
Family problem
You are my son but I am not your father. Who said this?
A man lives in a house where all the walls are faced towards the south. A bear passes next to the house. What colour is the bear?
Pair of socks
There are 10 white and 10 black socks in a bag. What is the smallest number of socks that need to be taken out of the bag to have a pair of socks?
The horse
A horse has a 5 meter rope tied around his neck. The hay stable is situated 10 meters from the horse, yet the horse can still reach the stable. How?
Books riddle
The encyclopedia consists of 10 books that are stacked in order on the shelf. Every book has 1.000 pages. Without counting the book covers, how many pages are there between the first and last page in the encyclopedia?
If a boy and a half eat a sandwich and a half in 1 and a half minutes, how long will it take six boys to eat six sandwiches?
The doctor has prescribed three tablets which you need to take in the space of a half hour. How much time will pass between the first and last tablet?
One archaeologist claims to have found a coin with the markings 46 years BC. Do you believe him?
Divide 30 with 1/2 and add 10. What is the result?
How do you remove 1 from 19 to get 20?
Beth’s mother has three daughters. One is called Lara, the other one is Sara. What is the name of the third daughter?
You are competing in running and in one moment you overtake the runner in third position. On what position are you now?
Nine balls
You have nine balls of which one of them is heavier than the rest. How will you find this ball if you only get two times to weigh and using a scale with weights?
Two sons and two fathers are going fishing, but actually there are only three of them. How come?
One cane has two ends. How many ends do two and a half canes have?
A hen and a half lay an egg and a half in one and a half days. How many eggs can nine hens lay in nine days?
Two sons
A wealthy Arabian man has two sons. When he got older, he called his sons over for a discussion and told them both that he could not decide which one of them would be the new heir. The race would decide this. The following morning, his sons would have to leave for Kaddishta, a small town located approximately 20 miles from them. The son who’s camel arrives last will become the new heir.
The following morning at sunrise, both sons were ready for the race, with their best camels and dressed for the journey. Their father blesses them both, wishes them luck and the race starts. Each son did everything he could to stay behind the other one, the animals became restless and the sun was slowly setting beyond the horizon. By the end of the day, both of the sons had crossed less than one hundred steps.
Deeply disturbed, the brothers went to an inn. They ordered wine and began to discuss about their misfortune. Their father had given them a task to which they could see no end. In the attempt to get the inheritance, they found themselves in real danger of dying in the desert which rested between the inn and the town Kaddishta. They told their dilemma to the innkeeper. After a short while of pondering, the innkeeper gave them two words of advice.
The next morning, the brothers made their way towards Kaddishta, however they rode this journey as fast as they could. What advice did the innkeeper give them?
One dollar problem
Three friends rent a hotel room and each paid 10 dollars.
The room cost 25 dollars instead of 30 dollars so the hotel owner sent one of his employees to give them back 5 dollars. Each of the friends took 1 dollar and gave the employee 2 dollars for their service. Therefore:
Each of the friends paid 9 dolars for the room.
That is a total of 27 dollars.
They gave 2 dollars to the employee.
What happened to the 1 dollar???
Two brothers
A man is travelling in some remote village and in one moment he reaches a crossing. Two roads appear in the crossing, of which only one of them can lead to the village. Two brothers live next to the crossing, of which the man has heard that one of them always tells the truth whilst the other one always lies. Along with this, they are also greedy with words and will only answer one of his questions. The man thought it out a while and then approached the two brothers. After he got the answer to his question, he made his way to the correct road to the village.
What question did the man ask?
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