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Every visitor to this website is authorized to view and download materials from the website for personal, non-commercial use only. The materials published on these websites may not be modified or copied in any way, nor may they be publicly displayed, performed or distributed, or otherwise used for any public or commercial purpose. Any use, redistribution or republication of these materials on any  website, social network or networked computing environment for any commercial purposes without the written consent of the author (Artmedia, multimedia and publishing) is strictly prohibited. By republication and commercial exploitation, we mean using copies of our recognizable content for personal gain.

Linking to these sites
These sites can be linked to other sites, but only in accordance with conditions and guidelines.
Conditions and guidelines for linking to www.myhomeschoolmath.com
Sites which are linked to this website:
-are allowed to link themselves to the content but are forbidden to replicate it
-must have content suitable for children
-must not contain something which may be interpreted as being distasteful, hurtful or controversial content;

The right to free use of materials without seeking permission
Authors of personal non-commercial websites, like all schools, libraries and non-profit organizations have the right to use free materials published on these sites within their own websites as long as they state the source of the contents used and place a link for www.myhomeschoolmath.com on their website.

Copyright Notices
All content published on these websites such as graphic content, digital content, software and other content which is not mentioned but is published on these sites, belongs to the authors of these sites and are protected by domestic and international copyright laws and intellectual property rights and unauthorized use is prohibited.

Our offer consists of multimedia interactive educational games and other downloadable educational contents.
All games found on myhomeschoolmath.com are published by Artmedia Publishing. All materials serve for personal purposes and copying or distributing of the material - even partially - without the author's permission is strictly forbidden.
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